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Thanks for your support.

This fall, many of the activities and organizations that make our community vibrant were classified as "non-essential" by the Student Choice Initiative (SCI).

In November, the SCI was struck down in court, the University of Toronto suspended its opt-out portal, and the policy directive has now been rendered null.


Thank you for supporting campus groups this fall. Explore our website to learn more about who we are!

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What was the so-called

Student Choice Initiative?

The Student Choice Initiative (SCI) was the provincial mandate deciding what student fees are "essential" and "non-essential" when we paid our tuition this fall.

Choose U of T

Choose U of T

What was at Stake?

Financial & Equity Aids

Clubs Funding



Student Press

Service Groups

Look for your division page in the top-right tabs to find out more about us!

This fall, we had a choice.

We supported community.

We chose U of T.

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