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Architecture & Visual Studies Students' Union (AVSSU)

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AVSSU is the Architecture and Visual Studies Student Union established in 2014 for the undergraduate students at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture and Landscape, and Design.


Our mission is to help improve student life in the architectural and visual studies programs, and to foster a community among the undergraduate students especially with the move to our new home at 1 Spadina Crescent.


AVSSU acts as the official voice for students, thus, we highly encourage input from the school community to help better our efforts.


AVSSU executives and representatives are dedicated to help ensure easier access to academic resources and general information; provide a direct communication link to the faculty; and work to provide an overall better university experience through social and educational opportunities outside the classroom.

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What We Do

Every year, AVSSU members host various events such as the Week of Welcome, Health and Wellness weeks, Reading Week trips, and formal. In recent years, AVSSU has hosted the City Building Expo in collaboration with the Graduate Architecture, Landscape and Design Student Union (GALDSU) at Daniels and various student groups from Ryerson University.


The City Building Expo brings together professionals and students from various backgrounds and members of the public to discuss the future of city building. The expo features panel discussions, keynote presentations, and charrettes related to the expo theme. This past year, the Representative Board on AVSSU came together to launch a Design Challenge, which we hope to continue and expand in the future. Under the leadership of the Vice President Academic, the different representatives devised a challenge that incorporated aspects from their respective streams. The top ten submissions were eligible to be critiqued in front of a panel of members from the faculty as well as external critics. While third and fourth year students in the Comprehensive Stream were the main audience for the design challenge, we opened the challenge to senior students in the other streams as well. Going forward AVSSU aims to hold a design challenge each semester and expanding to allow all years to participate. Furthermore, AVSSU aims to release design prompts every month that help improve software and rendering skills, and give more variety to one’s portfolio for stream, work, or graduate school applications.


Through the events and initiatives AVSSU host, we hope to provide an environment our fellow students can flourish in. We have got an ambitious and diverse group of people on AVSSU who are passionate to see this through, but this can only happen by opting-in to AVSSU’s student society fees. Through these fees we are able to host our annual formal and events such as our breakfasts during health and wellness weeks, studio dinners, and social nights. In other words, THESE FEES HELP SUPPORT AVSSU AND REFLECTS THE LIMITS OF WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OUR FELLOW STUDENTS. THESE FEES BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR PEERS, SO OPT-IN!

AVSSU Mandatory Fee Breakdown

AVSSU collects two mandatory fees from students for a total of $4.50, or $2.25 for part-time students.

Academic Support | $2.00

This allows for us to provide more resources for the following but not limited to: portfolio review sessions, grad school info sessions, career networking opportunities, City Building Expo, and design challenges. This fee is $1.00 for part-time students.

Student Presentation

Health & Counselling | $4.50

AVSSU wishes to provide better support for all our students whether this is hiring more staff members to be available at all times for counselling in our Daniels building, providing studio brunches/dinners, keeping our Destressor Weeks, keeping our snacks and coffee cubby full, and most importantly making sure that we are living a healthy studio culture. This fee is $2.25 for part-time students.

Studio Yoga

AVSSU Optional Fee Breakdown

AVSSU collects four mandatory fees from students for a total of $11.50, or $5.75 for part-time students.

AVSSU Clubs Levy | $5.00

The AVSSU Clubs Levy funds our co-curricular initiatives of subcommittees such as VSSP: Visual Studies Student Projects, AALD: Applied Architecture Landscape and Design, and Daniels Mentorship, to provide more outreach on campus and provide more opportunities to its members. This fee is $2.50 for part-time students.

Potluck Event

Shift Magazine Levy | $1.00

SHIFT Magazine is our official publication for the Architecture and Visual Studies Student Body. They publish articles, interviews, reviews, and original artwork created by students of our Daniels community. With this Levy, SHIFT is able to provide more opportunities for our students and increase the scale of publication and host events to showcase undergraduate work as well. This fee is 50 cents for part-time students.


Social Events | $2.50

This fee helps to subsidize for any of our social events such as our annual formal, club/pub nights, Destressor Week, and movie night. Without this, AVSSU will not have enough funds for our events. This fee is $1.25 for part-time students.

Social Events

Studio Space Upkeep | $3.00

This fee allows for our studio space to be more homely and functional. This would include upgrades or buying new furniture for our studio, to have model storage spaces, better worktables, and even having a larger collection of board games available. This fee is $1.50 for part-time students.

Daniels Faculty View from Spadina North

Contact Us & Get Involved!

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Reach out to our Executive Team:

Grace Wong, President

Jennille Neal, Vice President of External Affairs

Guershom Kitsa, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Cezzane Ilagan, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Zargham Nasir, Commissioner of Health and Wellness

Jose Power, Commissioner of Sustainability


Find us at the Daniels Building, 1 Spadina Crescent, Toronto, ON, M5S 2J5

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