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Founded in 1885, we are the student government for Skule™, the student body at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. We provide services, funding, and countless extracurricular opportunities to over 4500 full-time members, proudly continuing the traditions and storied history of Canada’s oldest and largest engineering school.


Skule™ is the name of the University of Toronto's engineering community at the St. George campus. It is made up of about 7000 undergraduate students, hundreds of graduate students, and a range of dedicated alumni. It is also home to hundreds of engineering clubs, athletics teams, design teams, and traditions. The Skule™ name was first used almost a century ago when students discovered something that they had in common: engineers don't know how to spell. As something that the community created together, the Engineering Society trademarked the name in 1984.

EngSoc at Pride
EngSoc at Pride

Memorial Bnad at Front Campus
Memorial Bnad at Front Campus

Memorial Bnad on the Street
Memorial Bnad on the Street

EngSoc at Pride
EngSoc at Pride


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Structure, Mandate, and Mission 

The Engineering Society represents all full-time and part-time undergraduate engineers and is made up of elected student volunteers. EngSoc engages in academic advocacy, allocates funding to groups and initiatives in the community, and provides a wide variety of services and events to students. If there is anything you want to know about the Engineering Society that you can't find on this website, please email us or visit our office at B740 Sandford Fleming Building, 10 King's College Road.

The Engineering Society is made up of Officers, the Board of Directors, Project Directors, Class Representatives, Affiliated Clubs, Design Teams, and Associated Entities.

  • Officers handle EngSoc's day-to-day operations and external relations at a high level. Each of them also oversee a group of Project Directors related to their portfolios. 

  • The Board of Directors is the highest level of governance and oversees all of the operations of the Engineering Society, as well as the activities of the Officers. Board of Directors Representatives vote on major decisions concerning changes to EngSoc's services, methods of representation, and bylaws. The Board holds the Officers and Directors of the Society accountable for their actions, and ultimately ensures that the Engineering Society acts in the best interests of its Members. 

  • Project Directors each manage a particular service or initiative, from managing a café to teaching high school students about engineering. Many of them form committees or teams open to anyone at Skule™ to achieve their goals for the year. 

  • Class Representatives are members of each discipline and year who represent the concerns and values of their classmates to Discipline Clubs, EngSoc, and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. 

  • Affiliated Clubs are student-run groups that organize around a particular passion, hobby, or interest of engineering students. The Engineering Society has over 80 Affiliated Clubs in areas like athletics, community, culture, fine arts, music, hobbies, engineering design, and professional development. Clubs are open to any students to join and explore.

  • Associated Entities are non-EngSoc organizations that are closely tied to EngSoc because of their contributions to the Skule community.

Engineering Traditions

Existing longer than a century, it is no wonder that Skule™ has so many rich traditions. You can read more about the history of these traditions and others at

The Cannon

The Cannon is Skule™'s official mascot. Protected by the Cannon Guard and the mysterious Chief Attiliator, the Cannon appears and fires at numerous community events every year. The Cannon is usually accompanied by the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad and always by the cheering of engineers.

Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad

The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad, or "LGMB" for short, is Skule™'s most infamous musical group. Armed with instruments ranging from saxophones and drums to maracas and stop signs, the LGMB welcomes anyone who wishes to join; musical experience is not required. The LGMB is known for appearing unexpectedly at events throughout the year and serenading students, University staff, and innocent bystanders with its well-known melodies. Find out more or sign up at the LGMB website.

F!rosh Week

Orientation Week, more commonly known as F!rosh Week, is a week-long event at the beginning of September that introduces new students to the Skule™ community. Incoming students and the upper-year "leedurs" tour St. George campus, participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt, watch the college bed races, compete in the F!rosh Olympics, and more. Find out more or register at the Orientation website.

Godiva Week

Godiva Week is the Skule™'s other week-long festival celebrating Skule™ spirit, taking place in the first week of January. Throughout the week students participate in auctions, the Charity Car Smash, Godiva's Quest, Ye Olde Chariot Race, and competitions to become the symbols of Skule™ spirit: Mr. Blue and Gold and Godiva's Crown. The week begins with Godiva's Resurrection and ends with Godiva's Wake since the celebration honours the legend of Lady Godiva, the patron saint of engineering.

Cannonball & Gradball

Cannonball and Gradball are the annual semi-formal and formal dinner dances for engineering, and are one way for students to relax before and after the winter academic term. The events are full of high-class food, musical accompaniment (including one infamous Bnad), dancing, and socializing. The mighty Skule™ Cannon is known for appearing at both of these events, and its caretaker the Chief Attiliator traditionally reveals their identity at Gradball every year.

Skule Nite

Skule Nite is a musical variety show run by students every year. It pokes fun at engineering life with dozens of sketches and songs which the cast and crew prepare for throughout the year, filling Hart House Theatre with laughter. Find out more at the Skule Nite website.

Contact Us & Get Involved!

Frosh Week
Frosh Week

EngSoc Events
EngSoc Events

EngSoc Levy Groups
EngSoc Levy Groups

Frosh Week
Frosh Week


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Please contact for general inquiries. For a speedier response regarding a specific initiative under EngSoc's Governance Structure, please contact the person in charge directly. For business matters related to the functions of the EngSoc Office, please contact our Business Manager at If you have thoughts about how the Engineering Society can be improved, the best person to contact is the EngSoc Ombudsperson, at

The Ombudsperson can pass along your message anonymously (if desired) and help mediate conflicts between members of EngSoc. They also gather feedback throughout the year, which is summarized and presented in an annual report.

If you have thoughts about how the Engineering Society can be improved, the best person to contact is the EngSoc Ombudsperson, at The Ombudsperson can pass along your message anonymously (if desired) and help mediate conflicts between members of EngSoc. They also gather feedback throughout the year, which is summarized and presented in an annual report.