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Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association (FMUA)

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Each year, a board of directors is elected by the students. A team of FMUA members will be tasked with serving the students for the academic year and will be responsible for ensuring each student of the faculty is satisfied with their education and life in the faculty.


We provide services and events to benefit students both academically and socially, including tutoring & writing supports, mental health & wellness services, an annual benefit concert, and semi-formal.

The FMUA also provides financial aid such as bursaries, grants, and awards, aiding students' musical and extra-curricular endeavours. This includes the commissions, which tend to the extra needs of students, falling under the Equity & Accessibility, Health & Wellness, Commuter, and Student Life commissions.


The FMUA funds clubs, which are student-led and promote well-rounded social life outside of class. Clubs such as PWLMNF give students an informal environment to perform and share their music, while also giving students opportunities to socialize with their fellow peers. Students are welcome to join existing clubs, as well as starting new clubs of their own.

FMUA Office, 3rd Floor

Edward Johnson Bldg

80 Queen's Park Cr.

@fmua_uoft on Instagram

Monday: 11AM - 3PM 

Tuesday: 11AM - 3PM 

Wednesday: 11AM - 3PM 

Thursday: 11AM - 3PM 

Friday: 11AM - 3PM 

Saturday: Closed 

Sunday: Closed


What We Do


The FMUA works to bridge the gap between students and faculty, creating a supportive, inclusive, and encouraging environment for you to succeed socially and academically. The FMUA does this be working hard to provide the previously mentioned events, as well as other activities fundamental to student life such as orientation.


Casual study sessions are held and conducted by experienced Masters and Doctorate Teaching Assistants who give you one-on-one help, where students are able to get guidance and clarification on lecture or assignment materials. Snacks are sometimes provided too! 


Program Directors oversee activities in each program, ensuring students are satisfied with their respective programs. Each Program Director hosts semi-annual town halls where you can provide feedback, comments, questions and concerns on your courses and programs.

FMUA Essential Fees

Academic Support Programs

Fees essential to funding programs that support student academic growth, including academic tutoring.  These fees will help the FMUA support the day to day life of the student, and accommodate their needs.

Health and Counseling

The FMUA aims to provide services and support for disabilities and mental health initiatives.  

Course Union/Program Events

Funding that enables the FMUA to create program-specific extracurricular opportunities for students to further develop one’s learning experience and careers to help ensure more versatile and well rounded education. This includes but is not limited to additional masterclasses, professional-development excursions and extracurricular program recitals.

Athletics and Recreation 

The FMUA promotes health and wellness by organizing athletic events to contribute to student life initiatives.  

Clubs, Events and Services Fees

Clubs Funding

Funding that enables the FMUA to create an inclusive environment through various club events and extracurricular activities representing our diverse community’s interests. 

Student Life Experiences

Funding that enables the FMUA to develop a connected student-networking community through undergraduate-wide events, such as the annual Semi-formal, Graduation portraits and events, as well as Noon-Hour and Benefit Concerts.

Special Projects Fund (SPF)

Special Project Funds (SPF) and Individual Grants Applications (IGA) provide the financial support for extra-curricular experiences. In order to qualify for an application, the student must opt in. This gives the opportunity for financial aid for individual endeavours such as professional development, summer programs, co-curricular performances, and other music-related initiatives.

Endowment Fund

The Contingency fund is a reserve of money set aside to cover possible unforeseen future expenses. This fund ensures the financial stability to run the above initiatives.

Society Initiatives

The FMUA aims to take student suggestions to implement services and programs. This includes events and services throughout the year.

Commissions | Noontimes

The FMUA creates social events catered towards making the daily life of FMUA students more enjoyable, including breakfast and holiday pop-up events.

Division Directors

The Music Ed Director creates program related events catered towards the student body's academic interests, such as Music Education recitals, masterclasses for non-performance majors, workshops, and academic field trips such as attending OMEA (Ontario Music Education Association). 

The Jazz Director will organize Wellesley movie nights and improvisation workshops to foster a tight knit social community and support academic growth in the jazz community. 

The Performance Director hosts town halls to listen to the comments, suggestions, ideas and concerns of the student body. They'll also take the initiative to organize events the students express interests in.  

The History and Theory/Composition Director organizes town halls for students in the program to voice concerns and questions regarding their program. They also organize the composition recital, which allows composition students to showcase their works in recital.

As one of the more flexible programs of the music faculty, the Comprehensive Director aims to create a valuable music education, while still allowing students enough room to explore programs in other faculties. The comprehensive director will organize town halls where students are able to voice their concerns and questions towards the program.

Get Involved

There are so many ways that you as a student can get involved in the FMUA and enrich your student life! You can join the association, start a club, or volunteer at different events.

The FMUA is committed to nurturing and facilitating the interests of its individual members. Clubs improve our community and help us balance our lives between school, home and fun. So, join or start a club of your own.

Every year we hold two annual election to appoint positions such as first year representatives, performance directors, and so much more. By joining the FMUA you are not only contributing the student body but you are also building relationships and networking within the faculty. Join the team and see yourself grow among our supportive group!

Contact Us

If you would like to learn even more about us, please visit our website at
The FMUA is here for you at all times on our different social media accounts!

Instagram: @fmua_uoft

You can also find us in the Edward Johnson Building, room 312 if you wanted to talk to us in person.


Our office hours are:

Monday: 11AM - 3PM 
Tuesday: 11AM - 3PM 
Wednesday: 11AM - 3PM 
Thursday: 11AM - 3PM 
Friday: 11AM - 3PM 
Saturday: Closed 
Sunday: Closed 

For any general inquiries, feel free to send us an email at  

We look forward to meeting and speaking with you soon!

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