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The New College Student Council (NCSC) is comprised of elected and appointed members of the New College student body. NCSC plays an important role in social programming, campus athletics, educational and awareness campaigns, student organization funding and college governance. In addition, NCSC supports ongoing initiatives at New College, such as Orientation, scholarships and awards, student initiatives and facilities upgrades, to name just a few. 

Consisting of representatives from various academic years, the elected NCSC members work to ensure that the constituents’ voices are heard and that matters concerning the student body are attended to. Further, members of the NCSC represent New College students at New College Council, the University of Toronto Student Union and the St. George Roundtable, which is a collaborative body of elected student council presidents and heads of colleges and faculties at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus.

Events, Services, and Initiatives

Commissioners | Full Time: $0.60, Part Time: $0.20

This fee will go towards funding the various programs and initiatives run by the three other elected Commissioner members on NCSC (Education & Philanthropy, Equity, and Sustainability). These commissions are among the newer members on NCSC and they all aim to improve student life here at New College through each of their specific streams. 

Social Commission | Full Time: $3.50, Part Time: $1.30

This fee will go towards funding the programs and initiatives run by the Social Commission. The Social Commission hopes to promote community here at New College by providing students with opportunities to connect to other students with shared interests and expand their social circles. The Social Commission provides CCR opportunities too! 

Year Reps + IFP | Full Time: $0.75, Part Time: $0.30

This fee supports activities organized by NCSC representatives. First-Year Reps help first-year students integrate, Mid-Year Reps support mid-year student pursuits, Grad-Year Reps ensure graduating students finish on a high note with the formal, Off-Campus Reps serve commuter needs, and IFP (International Foundations Program) Reps help IFP students adapt to a new setting.

Admissions Scholarships | Full Time: $1.00, Part Time: $1.00

This fee contributes towards New College admissions scholarships, which are merit-based awards offered to New College applicants on the basis of academic and leadership achievement. These scholarships help high-performing students close the gap between the cost of attendance and need-based financial aid.

Community Resource Funds | Full Time: $2.00, Part Time: $0.75

This fee is inclusive of NCSC In-Course scholarships that are provided to students that take New College courses. This fee also incorporates grants for certain New College based Clubs as well as funding for different clubs around UofT. 

Initiatives | Full Time: $0.25, Part Time: $0.05

This fee is inclusive of various innovative campaigns to help promote student life across New College. This includes the Health First Initiative that took place last year which provided menstrual products inside the major washrooms in Wilson Hall.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn even more about us please visit our website!  

You can also reach out to us over email as our office in 45 Willcocks is being renovated! 


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NCSC Levy Groups

New Dragon's Dragon Boat Team

New Dragons is a competitive dragon boat team affiliated with New College. We are one of the fastest university teams in Canada and in the world. Just this year, we brought home 11 medals from the 2018 Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary. We are also nine-time University Cup Champions at TIDBRF. 


As a team, we are comprised of students from various universities pursuing an education at the undergraduate and graduate level. As a family, we help push each other through the struggles of training, school, work and anything else life throws at us. Our passion keeps us strong and our bond keeps us together.

Check them out at

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The Window

The Window is a student-run magazine published under New College at U of T. We feature stories and content that touch on subjects close to and far from home in hopes of providing different perspectives on familiar themes in life. Check them out at .

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New College Orientation

New College Orientation is a five-day program (three dedicated days and two drop-in days) made up of a collection of academic and social events designed to help you adjust in your transition to university student life!

Why attend Orientation Week?

Transitioning to university can be both exciting and intimidating. Orientation helps make your transition a little easier and a lot more fun! Our program is designed to help you make the best possible start to University through academic skill development and program orientation. Equally as important, Orientation provides opportunities to build social and academic connections to your new community as you get exposure to student life at New College! Click here to learn more about how to Register for Orientation Week 2019

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