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St. Michael's College Student Union

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We're the St. Michael’s College Students' Union! We listen, act, and vocalize on behalf of you to enrich your university life at SMC.

SMCSU believes all St. Mike's students can be and should be the best version of ourselves. We support student activities and groups with the goal of improving your physical, social, mental, and academic wellness, while positively impacting and contributing to your professional development.

We work to maintain an open and transparent relationship with you as an SMC student, and we actively listen to your voice and advocate on your behalf to the University of Toronto administration and community.     

SMC Orientation
SMC Orientation

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Basil The Bulldog
Basil The Bulldog

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Bell Let's Talk
Bell Let's Talk

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SMC Orientation
SMC Orientation

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Our Services

Arts & Culture Events

We believe that all students at St. Mike’s should have a stage to be proud of their special talents and cultures. This includes but is not limited to being a Raptor’s fan, a faithful gamer, or an aspiring singer. We support these creative expressions with our recurrent open-mic, Kelly’s Korner. Last year, we subsidized Raptor’s tickets, hosted sports watching gatherings, and collaborated with student groups that represent a particular talent or culture. Art and diversity make each of us special yet brings all of us together.


St. Mike's Athletics

We are dedicated to supporting the physical wellness of St. Mike’s students. We do so by organizing athletic events, such as intramurals and excursion opportunities. These events constitute a large part of our students' active living on campus and a crucial element of community building at St. Mike’s.


Social Justice Initiatives

We are committed to contributing to the greater humanity and faith community. Our social justice initiatives foster new volunteers and community services that promote moral and spiritual wellness. Events such as blood-drive, street patrol, and running for a cause expand students’ outlook beyond themselves, and beyond St. Mike’s.


Social & Community Life

We believe that everyone at St. Mike's deserves a memorable social and community life. We are excited to organize events and make changes, big or small, that enhances St. Mike’s community experience. We organize recurring social events in collaboration with groups such as clubs, commuter dons, St. Mike’s faculties and more. A highlight of all is the unforgettable annual Formal.

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Student Improvement Funds

The Student Improvement Fund is a fund dedicated to creating physical changes on the University of St. Michael's College property. The St. Michael's College Student Union has the opportunity to initiate and fund projects dedicated to improving the campus that benefit the students of USMC. An amazing project that has been successfully funded by the Student Improvement fund is our outdoor ice rink.


Clubs & Student Groups

We appreciate and support the interests, passions, and initiatives of our students. Clubs at St. Michael’s College are funded by the St. Michael’s College Student Union. We also support student groups such as TheMike, our student newspaper. Our goal is to foster a family of hubs for student life that create a flourishing community.



We are committed to providing adequate wellness support for students. Aware of the growing demand for wellness supports, we work hard to make important collaborations with wellness resources in organizing events and workshops, as well as providing wellness services to St. Mike's students.


Academic & Career Support

We believe students can be and should be the best possible version of themselves at St. Michael's College. We collaborate with SMC registrar and faculty to coordinate efforts in optimizing student's academic and professional development.


Get Involved!

Choose St. Mike's!

Of course, what makes the biggest difference is YOUR involvement. You are always welcome to become part of SMCSU either as a committee member through an application or as a council member through the election. Two positions are still open for upcoming Fall By-Election. Most important involvement of all? PARTICIPATE. You can find everything on our website, click the button below and stay tuned :)

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