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Trinity College

Trinity College is home to a unique set of clubs, services, and supports that fosters a community that incorporates the needs and wants of every student. At Trinity, we work to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging, has a place to express themselves, and enjoys their time here.  

The Trinity College Meeting

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One of the biggest influences on the student culture at our college is the Trinity College Meeting (TCM). Trinity College is the only student-run, direct democracy in North America. As such, each Trinity student plays a key role in guiding and shaping the governance and culture of the College. Working collaboratively with the TCM are our four Residence Heads and two Non-Resident Heads (all of which are upper year students). The Heads team works to serve your interests, run academic and social events, and give you the best Trinity experience possible. 
Fees for the TCM finance clubs and sports, student-led initiatives to improve the school, and other amazing events and activities. These fees help support the continuation of groups such as the Literary Institute (which is also Canada’s oldest debating society), student papers, intramurals, and a talented drama society. In addition to student groups, Trinity is home to the several popular socials, including two formals and a diverse range of casual events hosted by the various houses and student groups within the College. 

Trinity Crest

Student Levied Clubs

Below is the list of Trinity’s levied clubs, which are given funded each year through student fees. However, in addition to these clubs are non-levied clubs that have an equally important role or service for our community. Non-levied clubs at Trinity include a diversity of groups such as the Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment (TASAH), Trinity College Chinese Students Association, Trinity Women in Leadership (TWIL), and the International Relations Society. Trinity has over 30 non-levied clubs that rely on TCM to continue their existence. To learn more about the importance of both levied and non-levied clubs at Trinity, go to

Trinity Athletics

Trinity Athletics aims to provide all those interested in athletics and healthy living the opportunity to participate in the vast programming that is available at both Trin and U of T. Trinity Athletics organizes athletic events and outings and will be your liaison to U of T’s Intramural Program. Additionally, Trinity Athletics is responsible for organizing TrinWear, Trinity’s very own branded gear. Visit for more information or to ask questions!

Trinity CollegeAthletics

Rainbow Trinity

Rainbow Trinity is a social support group for students of marginalized sexual and romantic orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and intersex students. The club offers a wide range of social and academic activities throughout the year. Past events include trips to The Village, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, panel discussions, an Asexual Awareness Week social, and a sombre observance of the Trans Day of Remembrance. Rainbow Trinity aims to promote an open, vibrant, and equitable environment at the college and will fight all forms of discrimination. For more information, visit

Rainbow Trinity

Trinity College Literary Institute (The Lit)

The Trinity College Literary Institute, also known as The Lit, is the oldest debating society in Canada. Founded in the 1840s, the club started as a serious debating society to discuss issues of politics and theology, but early in the 1900s, the mandate of the Lit switched to that of a satirical debating society. In addition to its regular debates, The Lit puts on themed debates for Guy Fawkes Night, Robbie Burns Night, and St. Patrick’s Day. It also hosts The Lit Revue, a night of sketch comedy, and Bubbly, a popular semi-formal social to celebrate the end of the first semester. Visit for more information.

Trinity Literary Insitute Event

Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS)

The Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS) is the club responsible for the funding and mounting of theatrical productions at Trinity College. It facilitates the involvement of Trinity students in all aspects of theatre either on or offstage, where 60% of every cast and crew must be made up of Trinity College students. All shows take place at Trinity and students can buy tickets at a reduced price. The TCDS also hosts subsidized trips to see shows in Toronto. Past excursions have included The Wizard of Oz and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. More information can be found at

TCDS Musical

Trinity College Environmental Society (TCES)

The TCES is an advocacy group open to all students and staff at Trinity College who have an interest in environmental issues. The club hosts a diversity of events such as documentary nights, conferences, discussions, debates, conservation projects, and volunteer outings. Trinity College has done many things to demonstrate its environmental consciousness and TCES hopes to continue to expand this even further this year. The club works to improve the College’s environmental sustainability and works towards larger environmental goals in the local and global community. The TCES hosts a couple of events each month and often collaborates with other clubs like the Lit, the TCVS, and U of T wide groups like UTERN and ENSU. More information can be found at

TCES at Don Valley Brickworks

Trinity College Volunteer Society (TCVS)

The Trinity College Volunteer Society (TCVS) is a non-profit student organization which promotes volunteerism by offering volunteer programs and events while also keeping Trinity students informed of other volunteer opportunities around the city. Popular initiatives have included preparing and serving hot meals to the community, visiting old age homes, knitting for charity, hosting clothing donation drives, and fundraising for global crisis relief. Volunteering with the TCVS is a great way to meet other students, relieve stress, and make a meaningful contribution to our community. We encourage you to check us out and to propose any ideas you might have for projects or events. Check out more information at

TCVS at Work

Trinity College Mental Health Initiative (TCMHI)

The Trinity College Mental Health Initiative (TCMHI) strives to provide members of the college with information about mental health issues while also facilitating awareness through various platforms. Our goal is to foster an open conversation about the sensitive topic of mental health in a safe environment. We aim to meet our goals by hosting information sessions, workshops, and peer support programming. For more information or any questions, you can contact us by e-mail at or through the facebook group at

TCMHI at Work

World University Service of Canada, Trinity Chapter (WUSC)

WUSC at Trinity College is a student-run chapter and an expansion of the World University Service of Canada, an international network of professionals, volunteers, and activists, who provide educational and leadership opportunities to some of the world’s most disadvantaged youth. Their chapter’s main function is running Trinity’s Student Refugee Program, sponsored by WUSC. Further, our aim is to advocate for refugee accessibility to higher education. We do this by educating students, staff, and faculty about the importance of education and international development. No outside funding is sought, with the exception of the Trinity College student levy. More information can be found at

WUSC Trinity Logo

Get involved at Trinity!

Our job is to make sure Trinity is a supportive and fulfilling experience for you, but it is your fees that help make that happen for you and all your fellow students.


If you have any questions, you can connect with the Heads team on their page at 

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